Hi, I am Chou-Tac from France.

If you are a shoe and sneaker lover,

and you wonder how to draw, welcome on board!


I'm happy to share with you at www.howtodrawshoestoday.com:

  • shoe drawing tutorials,

  • tips,

  • insider information,

  • motivation boost messages,

  • footwear designers' interview

  • and my personal techniques and secret method

to help you grow and help you become a shoe designer!

I am a Product and Shoe Designer in love with footwear with 8 years in the Footwear industry. I had the chance to travel around the world working for Adidas Performance and travel in Asia with a Singaporean shoe company. 

For years, I couldn't draw any shoe properly, neither communicate my ideas. I had to figure out myself the techniques alone. I knew no one with the knowledge to learn from.

Today, my blog followers and students learn in few weeks what I learned in years of research alone! I created a step-by-step and easy method for anyone passionate to draw like professionals. 

I created the shoe design courses I dreamed having myself.

If you are excited like me,

I invite you to start to download the "Sneaker Booster Book"! It is free by the way.

Anytime, if you have a question or any message, you can contact me.

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